Chicken Skewers - Mangal Style Grill

 So easy, yet so tasty. Succulent chicken with that signature charred taste and texture.  As you can imagine, I am a huge fan of BBQs and opt to use our Charcoal Grill as much as possible. You don’t need to use a BBQ to get similar results but an Oven or Grill will do just as well.  I will go into further detail about setting up the Mangal Style grill in a later post, however for now, I’ll stick to the basics.  Firstly get your skewers, I use 1/2 inch blades skewers as I feel they offer more versatility, but simple wooden or metal skewers work just as well. If you are using wooden skewers, make sure they are soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before putting near any heat. This will stop them igniting.  Take either Chicken Breasts or Filleted Thighs, and dice them up into equal sized cubes. This helps with an even cook. From here I loaded the diced pieces onto the skewers and seasoned well with our “Everyday Seasoning” as well as some Smoked Paprika and Cajun Spice.  I placed these

The Bella Ciao

First Recipe and it is so easy and a great twist on a much loved favourite -  Named after the recurring chant from the amazing ‘Money Heist’ (a much watch on Netflix), this is a Chicken Based Pizza.  Firstly get a good sized Chicken Breast. Continue to flatten the Chicken Breast. I normally place on a chopping board. Cover with a sandwich bag and use a Meat Hammer/rolling pin and beat the breast to create a Flat and Level surface that will act as the Base.  Next, place baking/grease proof paper on a bank in tray and place the flattened breast on this.  Get some Tomato Purée, and spread onto the breast, covering evenly. It’s not necessary but I always add a splash of Franks Red Hot. It just adds a further level of flavour.  Cover the tomato base with good quality Mozzarella and Pepperoni (feel free to add more/different toppings) and place in a preheated (180c) oven.  This should take around 15/20 mins. I recommend getting a good instant read thermometer and ensuring the Chicken is cook

First Post - Happy Grilling

  Good morning and welcome to the Landers Grill Blog… It has been years since I have done anything like this but I am looking forward to having a place to have Recipes and Updates around our Food.  Landers Grill was a product of  “The Pandemic” as an outlet to share knowledge around how to get the best out of your Cooking, as well as constantly pushing ourselves to constantly improve our own “Grill Game”.  Our main Social Media is Instagram and our profile can be found here -  Instagram - Landers Grill   Please feel free to give us a Like and Share. If there is anything you want to see, or have any suggestions on Recipes you would like, please let us know   Lander -